344 days – 10 countries – Dozens of thousands of miles – One goal : Inspire as many as possible to step out with God

When I flew out on December 18th, 2017 from Phnom Penh’s airport, I had no idea how fantastic this tour would be. With all my possessions in two suitcases, I travelled back and forth between Asia and Europe preaching God’s Word.

So much pleasure preaching: whether to a small congregation like in the slums of Bangalore, or to crowds in a stadium on Reunion Island.
So much pleasure preaching: whether in top notch buildings in Singapore or simple churches in Malaysia.
So much pleasure preaching whether on Finnish television, on the TopChrétien internet platform in France or on Belgium national radio.
So much pleasure preaching: whether in the French language when in Switzerland or in English when in India.
So much pleasure preaching in all kinds of denominations: whether at a liturgical Lutheran service or at a Pentecostal celebration.

Beyond the tour, beyond the many travels and beyond the different venues, there are faces and hearts of precious people:  men, women and children responding to the Call.

I will never forget this young woman in Finland who comes up for prayer. 20 minutes before the start of the meeting, she was invited by a friend. A real battle had started in her heart: she felt so dirty and unworthy; haunted by her past. She finally turns up. I give an invitation at the end of the message. She rises and comes forward. She tells me:”Do you really believe God can truly forgive all my sins?” I reply: “Even if you had committed one million times more than what you’ve done, yes Jesus would still fully forgive you.” She gives her life to Christ and receives His forgiveness.

I think of this man in his sixties, at the Ichthus Conference in England. Under the big marquee that night I start by giving a challenge: ‘Where have the one-way ticket missionaries gone?’ Among those who respond to the message is this man. He is on his knees at the foot of the stage. I come down and pray with him. He looks at me and says: “God spoke to my heart. Every year for the past 17 years I have gone for a mission trip to Uganda, every time with a return ticket to England. But my next trip will be a one-way ticket!”  Dear brother, if you happen to read this line, I hope you’ve made it to Uganda and will be there long term serving the Lord.

I think of this 14-year-old girl in Belgium. At the end of the service she comes up to me and says: “I am addicted to social media. I cannot break away from it. Could you please pray for me?” This was the first time someone has ever come up to me for this kind of request. I gladly prayed for her. The first step to being free from an addiction is to talk to someone about it. 

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Since June this year my base has been the ‘Porte Ouverte’ Mission and Christian Centre in the village of Lux in Central France.

The Bourgogne region is stunning with probably the best wine in the world! The folks at la Porte Ouverte have been so kind.  They have been right with me in prayer during the whole time I was traveling in Europe. I’ve made friends for life here!

I will be staying at Lux for a few more weeks so I can finish writing my second book which will be published in French this coming Spring.

On December 18th, 2017 I left Cambodia not knowing if I would ever go back. Almost one year later my love for the Cambodian people has never been so strong. I dream of going back to the land of rice paddies and beautiful smiles with some exciting projects on my heart.

I wish you a blessed Christmas, filled with the Presence of the One who keeps on changing hearts all over the world.

Check out a sermon given at the Full Gospel Assembly of God church in Bangalore, India:

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