The book is leaving the shore !

SOME TIME AGO I was praying that my book ‘Leave the Shore !’ would get out to even more people . I was asking God for a breakthrough. And then it all happened within one week.

Seismos Press in The Netherlands announced that the book will be available in every CLC Christian bookshops in the world.

When Kees in Holland called me he mentioned that the book can also be printed on demand in over 170 countries. This will save me carrying books in my suitcase. The books can be printed in the country itself where I am going and I would only have to pick them up when I get there.

Then I got in touch with Father Joby who heads St Pauls Publications in Mumbai, India. The book will come out soon in its new version ( 11 chapters ) and will be sold in India, Africa, South-East Asia and Australia.

And finally in that same week I was on Skype with Marjut in Finland , a professional English-Finnish translator who I met a few months ago when I was in Helsinki. She tells me she will soon start the translation of ‘ Leave The Shore!’ and that a Publisher has already been found !

So now, it’s the book itself that is leaving the shore and going out into the deep end !

Please pray for Kees in The Netherlands, Father Joby in India and Marjut in Finland.

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