Like two twin brothers

Last week, I was over in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where I met up with two former actors of the Thai television. Both have been Christians for many years and one of them leads CCI, a ministry started in 1980 that seeks to “use every art form possible, both modern and traditional, to communicate the gospel in ways easily understood by the Thai people”.
The team performs evangelistic folk dramas in villages and schools all over the country, leading many to Christ. I was very impressed with the buildings and classrooms God has blessed them with, where young Thai people are being trained in the various forms of art.
When I got back Monday to Cambodia, I was excited to tell my friends Sophun et Reaksmey about how ICC and their own ministry are both so similar. Like two twin brothers, living in two different countries who have not yet met …
Sophun Ty and his wife lead ‘Khmer Inheritance Arts Association’, seeking to use traditional arts, drama and music to share the Gospel to the Cambodian people…
PS: I’ll be speaking at New Jerusalem Church in Phnom Penh (where Sophun and his family are members) this Sunday 28th.
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