Newsletter – January 2018

About six months ago I felt that my time in Cambodia was probably coming up to a close and a new season of ministry was on the horizon.

Actually I was already spending less time in Cambodia and more time preaching overseas, especially in France. Could the Lord be calling me back to my home country?

One morning I remember an inner voice telling me to go to the book of Genesis. I started from Genesis Ch. 37 and I read: ‘So Jacob settled again in the land of Canaan, where his father had lived as a foreigner.’ Could the Lord be calling me to settle again in France, the land my father had lived as a foreigner?

Over the months the conviction increased and I knew it was time to start packing…

In November I left my little wooden house at the sea-side town of Kep, (‘It’s Time You Left the Shore!’) and moved up to the capital city.

On December 18th, along with a few friends, I headed to Phnom Penh International Airport. The same airport where I landed some 18 years ago.

With all of my worldly possessions I cried as I said goodbye to my friends and to Cambodia. I boarded the plane just in time before my visa was due to expire!

I flew out to Singapore where I landed a couple of hours later.

From Singapore I will continue in the months ahead to travel and preach overseas.

God willing, in June, I will settle back in France. I plan to put together, along with some French friends, a ‘Mission Tour de France’: a road trip that will involve speaking at churches, youth events, conferences and Bible schools. This tour should start in August and will continue as long as the Lord leads and opens doors.

An interesting thing happened the other day while in my room at the Christian Guest House in Singapore where I’m staying.

I sat down and started looking back at the last few years of my life. I thought back to that terrible morning in 2013 when I encountered panic attack and burn-out. I remembered the day I had no choice but to leave the country and get proper rest. I started counting: I had spent 25 months altogether outside Cambodia (most of it was spent in Switzerland where I studied Christian Communication). It took 25 months to fully recover before I could go back to Cambodia.

And then I started counting how long I had been back in Cambodia (in Battambang and in Kep). It came to… 25 months!

I felt like the Lord saying: ‘When you left Cambodia in 2013 you left exhausted, disappointed and discouraged. Your race, Timothée, was not finished. So I took you out for rest and healing. It took 25 months. And then when you were back on your feet I took you back to Cambodia’s running track to pick up the baton where you had left it. And you ran for 25 months till you reached the finishing line.’

On December 18th, 2017 as I said goodbye I had a strange and warm feeling at the airport: a feeling that I had finally crossed the finishing line.

Whatever track you’re on, don’t give up. Keep running! Keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Don’t leave the track till you’ve reached the finish line. Don’t leave till you’ve completed the work He’s called you to.
Some friends have asked me recently if I will ever go back to Cambodia. I’ve replied: ‘If God one day leads me back, for sure I will. He alone knows the future.’


Here’s my ‘preaching schedule’ for the next few months:
France:      January 29th to February 12th

India:         Assemblies of God Pastors’ Conference, Bangalore:
March 8 to 11

Réunion Island: Indian Ocean / St Denis Football Stadium:
March 31- April 2.

Hope you enjoy this video I made shortly before leaving Cambodia:

All the best!

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