My parents and I drove from Tourcoing, Northern France to the Sea on Sunday morning to reach St Pol sur mer church, near the famous Dunkirk beach. The beach that stopped Hitler in his tracks.

This is the Assembly of God Mum and Dad use to serve some years ago. The congregation meets in what once used to be a cinema.

I spoke at the morning service where some lost souls found Christ, including a little girl. Then I taught GospelTALK Part One in the afternoon. Great to see men and women of all ages keen to learn how to speak in public and captivate their audience.

On Monday morning a reporter from the Belgian Radio RTBF came over for an interview. I then gave the second half of the GospelTALK training in the afternoon. I prayed for special strength when the evening came as I preached there for the last time. Hearts where touched and several came forward for prayer.

I’m now back at La Porte Ouverte where I live and getting ready to head off for Switzerland where I will be speaking this Sunday in Bienne.

The Inspiration Tour continues…

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