I was in Bangalore for only 4 days but the experience will never be forgotten. Clement and his family (who I knew in Cambodia) put me up in their nice house.

We had no fixed program before I arrived but God clearly led every step of this short visit. Meeting the poorest of the poor in the slums will stay forever in my heart…Beautiful smiles. Beautiful dresses. Beautiful people: living in conditions no one should never live in.

When I was taken on Wednesday morning to the ‘Full Gospel Assembly of God’, the largest church in Bangalore I had no idea what was around the corner. Hundreds of believers were pouring into the building for the 318th day of intercession. The congregation has grown from 3 people in 1982 to well over 20 000 today. 10 services are held each Sunday at Full Gospel , the first one starts at 5.45am and the last one ends at 9pm. Senior Pastor Paul Thangiah was pacing the stage back and forth in prayer as I walked into the church. Though none of us knew each other and though he’s never asked before for a total stranger to preach, Pastor Paul invited me to the platform to deliver God’s Word. I was not properly dressed for the occasion but I went up and preached a simple Gospel message. Pastor Paul and I had never met before but you would think we had known each other for years! (this happens so often in Christian circles!). 40 minutes later I walked down from the stage and then Pastor Paul invited me to pray for all those who were coming forward for prayer. I have never laid hands on so many people in one place and in such a short time. My own back was hurting from praying from the platform that the staff brought a chair for me to sit and continue praying for all those who were still pushing forward to be prayed for. How my heart went out to each one of those beautiful people. The message is found on my facebook page and starts at 1. 50’.

This Sunday night I will be sharing a meal in Singapore with old friends Louis and Susan Sutton. I could not have had a better send off than to be with WEC international leaders on my last day in Asia.

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