I never thought I would meet her

I had a gap in my schedule…so I took the car last Thursday from Chalon where I live and drove all the way to the French Alps. I took a few days to rest, recharge, pray, walk along the Lac Léman ( I even got to swim in the lake!) and think more about my future.

At the hotel I came across a brochure mentioning the various shows and performances in town. One of them , the following day features the famous Belgian actress Yolande Moreau ( she has won 3 ‘Césars’ , twice for best actress- The French equivalent for Oscars). She is going to perform at a nearby theatre. I thought I would like to attend .

As I walked into the elevator of the hotel I bumped into Yolande Moreau! What a surprise! I mention to her the humorous show ‘ Les Deschiens’ she used to play in year ago and how it made me laugh.

The next day I spotted her having breakfast. We got talking. She mentioned the new film in Cinemas right now with French actor Jean Dujardin. I talked to her about Cambodia, the street children in Phnom Penh, Battambang the artistic town of Cambodia, ‘ You’ve Got Talent!’, my parents, their church in Northern France, God…

When I learnt that all the tickets for the show that night had been sold, Yolande turns to me and says : ‘ Don’ t worry. Just give me your name. I’ll get you a free entrance.’

I thanked her. Before I left I said ‘Jesus loves you!’

That night my ticket was waiting for me at the counter of the Theatre. I walked in for free. Merci beaucoup Yolande!

This Thursday I head off to Paris for 4 days. The Inspiration Tour continues…

Timothée Paton

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