How to be stronger

One of the best ways to become stronger in your faith is to find a prayer partner. Not a chat partner but a prayer partner.

A friend you can meet up regularly to pray with.

Since I’ve come back to Cambodia, almost two months now, I’ve been staying at Sophun and Reaksmey’s house in Phnom Penh. They lead a ‘Traditional Khmer Performing Art’ ministry.

One day Sophun came to me and asked: ‘Lock Kru (Teacher) Timothée, do you think we could meet up for prayer sometime this week?’

‘Sure’ I replied.

We started with once a week in the morning, at 8.30 after he had taken his children to school.

Sophun is clearly an intercessor.

We had such a good time praying, we decided we should do it more than once a week.

A missionary friend was recently going through a tough time. I encouraged her to find one or two Christian women with whom she can meet up regularly for prayer.

Of course, a prayer partner does not replace time alone each day with God.

But how stronger we are when we are praying with someone else.

‘When two or three are gathered in my Name…’

‘One can chase a thousand, and two can put ten thousand to flight’.

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update

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