A very nice couple picked me up Friday afternoon at the Airport of Helsinki.

After 2 hours’ drive, we arrive at Turku, the former capital city of Finland.

I drop my suitcase in my hotel room then meet, over a meal, the team that has organised the ‘ Bright and Shine’ conference (being held the next day) . The publisher of my book (‘Lahde rannalta’ in Finnish) joins us later in the evening.

I will never forget the young woman who came up for prayer. 20 minutes before the start of the meeting, a friend invited her to ‘Gospel House’ where the conference was being held. A real battle had started in her heart: she felt so dirty and unworthy. Haunted by her past. She finally comes. I give an invitation at the end of the message. She rises and comes forward. She tells me :‘Do you really believe God can truly forgive all my sins?’ I reply: ‘ Even if you had committed one million times more what you’ve done, yes Jesus would still fully forgive you.’ She gives her life to Christ and receives His forgiveness. That night, she was among the last ones to leave the building with a bright smile on her face.

Sunday evening I spoke at a Lutheran Church. A great celebration both liturgical and charismatic. When the meeting is over I sat down with a few women at a table. One of them speaks French. She’s bought two copies of the book. She asks me to write a note and sign it. As for the second one she is not sure who to give it to. I suggest she should offer it to the President of Finland! She replies: ‘ Well yes, that’s what I’ll do. I know him.’ ( Sometimes humour can open interesting doors!).  Do pray for ‘ Leave the Shore!’ in Finnish which will soon be handed over to the President.

The INSPIRATION Tour continues this whole week in Finland.

Timothée Paton

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