Half way into the INSPIRATION tour

Last week end I was back in Switzerland for two days leading a GospelTALK training in the small town of Lonay, close to Lausanne. Though the attendance to the seminar was low , those who came were very willing to learn how to be better public speakers.

I stayed two nights at the new house of my good friends Marc and Christine Gallay .

Sunday morning at the ‘ Église Evangélique de l’Oasis’ in Morges , I spoke at the annual combined church service. The time given to preach was short but I got everything in.

After a nice Cambodian meal with friends in the garden, I headed back by the fast train to France to see my parents who are having a great holiday at ‘La Porte Ouverte’ in Chalon where I am now based. We’ve had nice walks and sightseeing and celebrating in advance my Dad’s 81st birthday.

The Inspiration Tour will now take me to Finland. Do pray . I have been feeling tired lately and need strength for the meetings ahead.

Timothée Paton

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