From Switzerland to Cambodia

When I arrived last night at the Gospel Center in Lausanne I was feeling tired from travelling non-stop in Europe for 3 full weeks.

But for this very last meeting of the tour I felt strengthened and the hearts of those hearing the message were, I believed, inspired and encouraged.

Gospel Center still meets every Sunday night in the building of the ‘D! Night Club’ of Lausanne ( I don’t know of any other church that meets inside a nightclub!).

I thank Paul and Vérène Friderici who so kindly put me up during those 4 days in Switzerland. Paul, now 94 years of age is well known across Switzerland and beyond for having been at the head of one of the biggest transport companies. His business has become over the years a huge empire. Mr Friderici a strong follower of Christ is one of the great minds and inventors in this country.

I was also blessed to share a brunch Saturday morning with Pastor Marc Gallay and his wife Christine, my very good friends. Spending time with Marc and Christine ( who were missionaries back in the 90s in Cambodia) is always so good and uplifting.

I will be landing this Wednesday afternoon in Phnom Penh.

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