If all French high schools could be as open to the preaching of the Gospel as ‘Notre Dame High School’ in Dunkirk is …

Last Friday at the ‘Day of Commitment to a Good Cause’ organised by Father Mathieu, I had complete freedom to share my missionary journey and my faith in Jesus to the 17-year-old students of the school.

Everyone listened carefully with much respect. The questions I was asked at the end of each presentation showed how interested those young people were. I took dozens of packs (a Gospel of Mark and a CD of testimonies of young people sharing their story of conversion). Every pack, available on a table, were taken!

Among the other speakers of that day were two nuns. In the evening, I drove them back to their monastery. What great conversations I had in the car with those ladies who shine with their love for Christ.

Please pray for the seed of God’s Word sown that day in the hearts of those many high school students.

The ‘C’est Toujours Possible !’ Tour continues this Saturday at the ‘Wake-Up’ Regional Youth Event in Northern France.

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- October 23th, 2019

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