I have traveled to around 45 countries in my life : Finland is one of the most fascinating places I have ever been to.

Did you know that Finland is the most stable and safest country in the world? It has the least organised crime , the freest and most reliable elections in the world. The best in protecting fundamental human rights . The top in education and the most literate country. What a place to live! With its strong Christian foundation, no wonder it is such a blessed nation.

I have met some wonderful people these past 4 days at the ‘Stirring Conference’ which was held at New Hope International Church in Finland’s second largest city. All kind of people from all walks of life: from a FIFA referee to the South African Ambassador to Finland…

Being in a cold and reserved country I did not expect people to respond publicly to the preaching. I was surprised to see so many coming forward for prayer. One lady came up to me last night at the end of the final meeting and said : ‘ The Lord has been good : He has put me back on track’.

It was great to meet up again with Taru who served with me years ago in the streets and the slums of Phnom Penh.
I was able to experience the typical Finnish sauna at the local swimming pool. Everyone is naked …it is as simple as that!

Do pray for the upcoming ‘Connexion’ Youth Event in Poitiers, France . I will be speaking  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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