This past Sunday, thanks to WhatsApp, I was able to give from my bedroom in Northern France a Gospel message in Khmer to Cambodian friends in Phnom Penh.

It’s the story taken from Mark chapter 5 that I shared with the 15 brothers and sisters in Christ gathered 11 000 kilometers away at Sophun and Reaksmey’s house.

The woman in the Gospel had suffered 12 years from constant bleeding. She was not to touch anyone (similar to us all during this virus epidemy).

Though the Jewish law did not permit her to enter into contact with others (was she confined in her home?), this poor woman who had spent all her money on doctors, decides to defy the religious ban.

Verse 27 tells us: ‘ She came up behind Jesus through the crowd and touched his robe.’

In these trouble times we are living, though it is strongly advised not to touch anyone, thank God, we can in faith touch Jesus.

He is the only One we can touch without fear.

At the end of my short sermon, Sophun informs me that a young woman, Srey Roth, aged 30 is lying down, in great suffering with the potential risk of internal bleeding.

With my parents, though we are so far away from Srey Roth, saw her on our phone and prayed for her healing. She’s 4 months pregnant.

Please pray for my Cambodian family over there on the other side of the globe.
Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- March 23th, 2020
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