It was at La Porte Ouverte church in Mulhouse that several evangelistic meetings were held last week.

When I saw the big posters on billboards near our house announcing the event, we decided to go along Saturday evening.

What a great meeting it was! After the singing and two powerful testimonies of healing, our friend Thiébault Geyer proclaimed the Gospel. A sketch about what awaits us all after death, inserted into the preaching, gave even more power to the message.

When Pastor Thiébault gave the invitation to turn to Jesus, many stood up. Yukki was able to pray with Isabelle and I with Gregoire. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than to lead a lost sheep to the Shepherd.

As I left the church I said to Yukki: “Did you notice the atmosphere at the end of the meeting? Joy everywhere!”

The best way to change the atmosphere of a church is to witness the conversion of sinners.

Watch the meeting by clicking on:

Timothy and Yukki Paton

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