Recently Yukki and I went on an eight-day trip to the Holy Land. One of the highlights of our short visit to Israel was being at the Dead Sea.

When I was a kid, I had seen those fascinating pictures of tourists floating on that salty sea reading the newspaper. What a joy to experiment it ourselves! For some of the ladies in our group who couldn’t swim, it took them a while to realise that they didn’t have to do anything: the water was carrying them. When they finally let go, they could appreciate the miracle of the Dead Sea. They stayed in the water, happy, with their hands raised to the sky.

A few days later, I thought about that visit.

We were at the lowest place in the world, and it was there that the miracle occurred. If you happen to be at the lowest point in your life, in the deepest and darkest valley, even there the salt of God’s Grace will carry you.

Let go. Relax. Lift your hands to heaven. Praise Jesus for his presence and for his unconditional grace. There will always be enough salt to carry you.

Timothée & Yukki Paton


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