Blessings in Belgium !

When I arrived last Saturday in the small town of Tubize in the French speaking part of Belgium I did not expect to see such a large Assemblies of God church. This was a surprise knowing that Belgium is one of the most spiritual needy mission fields in the world.

The meetings in Tubize were planned 18 months ago and much prayer went into the week-end. I spoke on Saturday night challenging the young people to response to the Call to serve God.

On Sunday morning the church building was packed . When I went up to speak the audience looked like the United Nations! So many culture and colours!

I shared much about my 30 years battle with OCD. At the end, the majority of the congregation responded to the call . All the copies of the book went and I will be sending more by post for those who ordered some.

Sunday afternoon we had a very fruitful “Q & A” session with some of the leaders of the church; the kind of small meeting I love doing.

I was glad to be back Sunday night at my parents’ house on the other side of the border in Northern France. Each time Papa, Maman and I meet up we have such good times together.

Next week, Inspiration Tour heads to Paris!

Timothée Paton

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