This past weekend I was down in the Loire Valley where some of the French kings use to live.

After a long day on the road, I finally arrived at the Assemblies of God church in Blois (where the youth from the nearby town of Tours joined in).

At the end of the meeting, I realized I had lost my car key. The pastor dropped me at the hotel where I sprayed out on the bed everything from my suitcase. I could not find the key. I close the suitcase, discouraged at the thought of having in the morning to call a mechanic to open my car and hopefully find the key somewhere inside.

Then, a small voice inside tells me: ‘Look inside the shoes’. I re-open the suitcase where I had a second pair of shoes and there inside, was the key!

I was able then to sleep peacefully and refreshed to preach in the morning at the church service.

A good number of my latest book ‘C’est Toujours Possible!’ were sold at those two meetings.

This afternoon I will be speaking at an Old People’s Home in Northern France.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating my Mum’s birthday and on Wednesday more than twenty of us will be at my brother’s house to remember as a family the coming of Jesus to the world.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- December 23rd, 2019

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