At the right place at the right time

Have you ever found yourself in a place and wondered to yourself : ‘ How in the world did I end up here ?’

This is what happen to me yesterday.

The day before, my friends Asher and his family invited me to join the ‘Praise Festival’ in Phnom Penh and to encourage their children who will be performing along with dozens of boys and girls from 10 different countries.

As soon as we walked into the auditorium, Dr Kim, Korean musician and missionary friend greeted me with open arms. He looked at me and said : ‘ You are the man we need. The speaker for the Festival, Pastor Ann Greve has just sent a message that she won’t be able to attend . She said that the Lord will provide for someone else to preach. You must be the one!’

After 5 hours of music and singing performances I went up to the stage, holding a Cambodian Bible someone had kindly lend me. I was not dressed properly but felt much peace as I took the microphone to give a short Gospel talk in Khmer.

Paul told the young Timothy: ‘ Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season’.

Do pray for the next GospelTALK Training this coming Saturday and Sunday, in Sihanoukville, by the sea.

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