And if those ones were the true heroes ?

Last Monday I happen to be in Paris between two trains … When I realized that the French football team would be going through the Champs Elysées avenue I headed there. Virginie, a friend of mine came along too. Hundreds of thousands of fans under the heavy heat were waiting for their heroes to pass by. I finally saw them from a distance on top of a double Dekker bus holding up high the famous world cup.

Later in the train heading down to Chalon sur Saone were I am now based, I started thinking about those 23 French heroes the whole world is talking about.

Reading Le Figaro newspaper my eyes come across an article about the amazing life of Christian des pallières the man who along with his wife helped rescue thousands of street children in Cambodia. More than 20 years ago, Christian and Marie France where speaking about their work in a church in Amiens my home town. God used them to encourage me move out to Cambodia.

Then I started to imagine a different bus driving down the famous Parisian avenue: this time we would not see Mbappé, Giroud, Griezmann or any of the famous football players.

Instead we would see Christian and Marie France des Pallières. They are the ones we would all honour. We would see Jackie Pullinger from Hong Kong who has rescued for several decades so many drug addicts. We would see Jon and Beryl Vandenhogen who have given their whole life serving God in France; we would see those pastors from Soudan who in spite of persecution and torture are still firm in their faith; we would see those Wycliffe Bible translators serving in some of the most remote tribes on the planet; we would see Salvation Army volunteers who day in day out bring God’s Love to those sleeping on the streets of our cities…

And if the real heroes were those ones?

Timothée Paton

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