Last Saturday, I took my car to the East regions of France. I spoke at a youth event at a Methodist Church not far from Strasbourg. A very good evening with many hearts touched.

The next day, it was near Mulhouse that I gave a Gospel message in Khmer and in French at the Christmas Celebration of the Cambodian church. The place was packed and the Asian cuisine that followed was a delight to everyone.

I spent the night at the WEC France office. Very good fellowship with Directors Miguel and Aurore Cervantes.

In the morning I gave two interviews on ‘Phare FM’ Radio.

Later I joined Kathy Path at the tomb of her late husband Koeun Path who passed away last year. Pastor Koeun was one of my best friends and a great Cambodian servant of God.

In the evening I had reached the border with Luxembourg to the house of my nephew Jonathan and his wife for a very nice meal and some catching up…

The ‘C’est Toujours Possible! ‘ Tour continues this week-end in the town of Blois. Do keep praying!

Today my parents are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary.

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- December 19th, 2019

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