Hi from Poitiers where a fantastic weekend has just ended.

Over 350 youth from all over France came together for a 3 day event : ‘Connexion 2017- The Revolution’ organised by the Federation of French Baptist Churches.

Friday night I gave a short testimony as a starter then preached 3 times over the weekend.

Saturday morning , to my surprise a number of young people gave their hearts to Jesus. Though they probably all attend good evangelical churches many had never taken a stand for Christ before. In the evening the Presence of the Lord was very strong ( a team was praying nonstop while I was preaching) : without making an ‘Altar call’, every single person in the meeting stood up in response to the Word of God! (I have never seen this in my life before!).

Sunday morning many participants came forward to pray with a member of the ‘Prayer Team’ , many in tears. What a moving scene to watch!

Almost all 200 copies of ‘ Quittez la Plage! (‘Leave the Shore !’) literally left the shore! We pray that the book would reinforced the fire that was lit during those meetings.

The worship band made up a rap song using the titles of my 3 sermons! A great piece of music!

The MC for all the meetings , Rodolph, told me that a few years ago at a meeting I was preaching at in Paris , he took a decision to serve God full time. He signed up for 3 years at one of the best Bible Institute in France . He is now a pastor in the town of St-Etienne.

A girl who heard me speak two years ago in Lyon told me: ‘In your sermon back then you said: ‘…Whether the Lord is calling you to Angola or Guatemala…’  I remember turning over to my friend with astonishment on my face. She was actually going out to Angola and me with OM to Guatemala. It was as if the Lord was confirming His Calling to the both of us. We went out to those countries, for 6 months. And what an experience it was!

As ‘Connexion 2017’ was ending, Sunday afternoon, a young lady with tears in her eyes came up and said : ‘Before coming to Poitiers this week-end I was suffering with depression. Today I can say that I have found life all over again!’.

The organisers of this event have been praying two years for it. This weekend we saw the fruits of their prayers.

Now onto the last leg of this trip in Europe: Lausanne, Switzerland.

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